a new report shows air pollution in city has reached its peak

A New Report Shows Air Pollution In City Has Reached Its Peak


No one likes to breathe lousy air, but when you are living in a highly polluted city, you will have no other options. A new report from researchers shows the reason behind why so many nonsmokers are getting diagnosed with lung-related problems. The city’s pollution has increased so much that it is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes. This study shows how air pollution is negatively impacting on our health and causing problems like coughing, sneezing, and shortness of breath. The ozone has which usually stays in the air because of high pollution and creates emphysema.

In such a situation, regular breathing is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes. Previous data shows the increase in the number of lung-related diseases among people in the last few years. Nonsmokers are getting hugely affected because of harmful air pollution environment in which they’re living. Researchers said chronic lung disease is dangerous and that also results in death, so it’s highly concerning thing. In this study, more than 7071 participants were studied by researchers in between 2000-2018.

The study covered more than six metropolitan regions, namely; Los Angeles, Saint Paul in Minnesota, and New York City, Chicago, Winston-Salem in North Carolina, Baltimore. The ground and air level ozone has increased significantly in the last few years in cities, which is causing many problems. Normal breathing nowadays has become a cause of health problems, and people usually know about it. Recently World Health Organization said that the majority of the small children living in the world are breathing dirty air. As the temperature is increasing and resulting in more climate change, the ground-level ozone will also get increased. It’s still not clear which level of air pollution is good for human health; researchers are still working on it.