napping more has been linked with alzheimer

Napping More Has Been Linked With Alzheimer


Napping is one of the best things because it can make you feel relaxed and energized if you’re not feeling well. People usually like to take a nap so that they can overcome the fatigue they’re having. However, now health experts are saying that too much rest is not suitable for health, and it could also be a symptom of Alzheimer disease. Alzheimer is that disease which no one would want to get diagnosed with because you will be losing your memory at a faster rate because of it. Researchers from the University of California San Francisco, University of California, Berkeley and the University of Sao Paulo did a health study has linked getting too much sleep with Alzheimer’s.

In previous health studies its been found that people start to see a change in their sleep pattern before they get diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Researchers said that people who develop Alzheimer’s usually prefer to sleep during the day. While relaxing in the night, they might get wake up suddenly, which is also called fragmented sleep. However, those people shouldn’t be worried about who gets a nap daily.

Health experts think there are some group of people who likes to sleep in the afternoon, and it has become their culture. Things might not be right for you if you’re suddenly getting the majority of your sleep in the afternoon because of various reasons. Researchers were trying to find sleep change is whether a symptom of Alzheimer’s or not. Sleeping pattern’s change is found to be the reason behind the brain cell’s death. Usually, people with Alzheimer’s disease tend to be more sleepy because the network of neurons that keeps us awake dies because of this disease. People who are losing wakening neurons are on the verge of getting diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The clinical trials are going to answer these serious questions. However, change in sleeping pattern or behavior is found to be the critical reason behind Alzheimer’s.